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Beneath Cold Seas Show
Beneath Cold Seas Show

Beneath Cold Seas Show


Beneath Cold Seas Show

Beneath Cold Seas Show
Beneath Cold Seas Show

Beneath Cold Seas Show
Beneath Cold Seas Show
Beneath Cold Seas Show

CAMERA meets


Beneath Cold Seas Show
Beneath Cold Seas Show
Beneath Cold Seas Show
Beneath Cold Seas Show
Beneath Cold Seas Show
Beneath Cold Seas Show

Salon Night


Beneath Cold Seas Show

Beneath Cold Seas Show
Beneath Cold Seas Show
Beneath Cold Seas Show
Beneath Cold Seas Show
Beneath Cold Seas Show

Beneath Cold Seas Show
Beneath Cold Seas
Beneath Cold Seas
Beneath Cold Seas Show
Beneath Cold Seas Show

Beneath Cold Seas Show


Beneath Cold Seas Show

Beneath Cold Seas Show
Beneath Cold Seas Show

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Current Show

David Hall: Beneath Cold Seas

June 27–August 3, 2014

Reception 5–9 p.m. June 27, coinciding with Troy Night Out —
   The photographer will be present to discuss his work and sign books

Forty underwater photographs by marine life photographer, author, and researcher David Hall, from his 2011 book Beneath Cold Seas: The Underwater Wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, will be on display. This event will mark the first US exhibition of this critically acclaimed and unique body of work. The author or coauthor of eleven books, Hall’s work has won numerous awards.

Hall is one of the world’s leading photographers of marine life. He and his work have been featured in most major publications in North America and Europe, including National Geographic, Smithsonian, National Wildlife, Natural History, Audubon, Sierra, Time, Science, Scientific American, Geo, Terre Sauvage, Macleans, Der Spiegel, and BBC Wildlife. His photographs have received numerous awards in international competition and been widely exhibited in the US and abroad.

There have been numerous books featuring underwater photography from coral reefs and other tropical locations, but very few that focus on cold water ecosystems. The west coast from northern California to Alaska, features some of the most diverse and colorful marine life in the world, much of it found nowhere else. Because of the technical difficulties associated with photographing in cold, murky water, no earlier published work exists that features high quality, artistic photographs from this important area. Beneath Cold Seas has been received enthusiastically around the world, and has already been published in four countries. More information about the book, including selected reviews and a slide show, can be found at


Future Shows & Events

Eighth Annual Members Show Call for Entries

June 27–August 3, 2014

Entry Deadline: July 16, 2014
Selection Notification: July 18, 2014
Drop-Off Deadline
Tuesday, August 5, 2014
Opening Reception: 5–8 p.m. Friday, August 29, 2014
   Coincides with Troy Night Out

It's July already, and already time for the Eighth Annual Members Show — any subject matter, no date restriction. Please do not submit images that have been previously exhibited at the PhotoCenter.  Earlier Members Shows have been exhilarating, showcasing some of the finest photography made in our region. There is a modest single entry fee for all your entries.
MEMBERS SHOW BOOK:  All your entries will be included in the annual catalogue / book of the exhibit. Prior participants have been pleased with the quality of the printing. If you wish a book, please preorder by reserving with an email message. Estimated cost about $32.50. That is why we need 300 dpi to show off your finest work.

Download an application form in PDF format.

Fall Lineup

Feero/Creitz show
Members Show

Former Shows

ApostleChristos Apostle:
A Retrospective Exhibition of Portrait Paintings

November 29, 2013–January 26, 2014

In an exception to our photographic tradition, this exhibit features the unique artwork of Christos Apostle. This major retrospective displays selections from his portrait paintings, many made in his singular abstract drip-type style.

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Best of 2013

January 31–March 9, 2014


More than 250 entries were received for the show, and it will be the best ever.

Some of the images which we cannot accommodate in the Gallery will be featured in the forthcoming Exhibit Annex on our website after the opening of the show. (To reduce the temptation of theft of your work, we will use reduced images at 72 dpi)
Many thanks to the more than 50 artists who sent in their Best of 2013 work.


Member Joseph Schuyler captures vistors to the opening, top left. The event was well attended. (Photos by Ronald K. Ratchford, top left and right; Nicholas Argyros, bottom left, and Schuler, bottom right.

Best of 2013 Votes

Raw Weighted Artist Title
18 36 Connie Frisbee Houde Virgin Gorda Moon Set
16 36 Katherine Wardle Grand Bazaar Rooftop
11 21 Mary Lifshin Vultures Are Waiting
10 21 Diane Reiner  Discarded, Homer Alaska
10 20 Linda Tommasulo  Shy Tulip
9 20 Cheryl Gowie Churchill Bears
8 18 Stephen Honicki And So It Is
8 17 Katherine Wardle Fish Bouquet
10 16 Fred Neudoerffer  Directional Flow
8 15 Linda Tommasulo Tulip Festival
8 14 Ralph Rio The Green Dragon’s Cup
8 13 Rebecca Moran  Cardinal
8 12 Bert Klinger  Icelandic Horse

More than 150 visitors cast 450 votes. Virtually all photos received some votes. Listed here are the thirteen entries which had eight or more votes. The "weighted" votes counted the first entry on the ballot as three points, second entry two points, third entry as one point. The top six images were the same by either method of scoring.

Congratulations to all selected entrants. It has been a very fine show.

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2014 Student Show

March 14–April 20, 2014

Reception March 28, coinciding with Troy Night Out

The show reception, and announcement of $500 in awards, was on Friday, March 28.

The 2014 annual Student Exhibition is the strongest yet in its sixth year.  Commendations are deserved to all students who entered. We selected more than 60 images from about 200 entries. Excellence and innovation abound in this exhibit. The selection was a joint effort by Director Mary Gordon, Assistant Director Eamonn McBride, David Rozen, and gallery owner Nick Argyros.
Students from ten colleges and two high schools participated in the show.

Cash awards of $550 were presented to students from SUNY New Paltz, Sage Colleges, Fulton-Montgomery Community College, SUNY Albany, and Niskayuna High School. The juror was David Brickman, a photographer widely exhibited over the years in many regional and New York City venues. Awards were made possible by a generous grant from the Christos N. Apostle Charitable Trust.


  • Student Show Awards ReceptionEamonn McBride photos, except as noted
  • First Place WinnerNick congratulates James Senzer for his four stunning portraits
  • Juror David BrickmanRonald K. Ratchford photo
  • Another AwardNick presenting award to Kayla Coons
  • Talking About the ShowNick addresses attendees with Juror Brickman at his side
  • Attentive AudienceAttendees listen to Nick's presentation
  • Standing Room OnlyAttendees filled the gallery to nearly overflowing
  • Taking a Longer LookAs the crowd thinned out, some took a second look
  • Gallery Assistant Eamonn McBrideRonald K. Ratchford photo
Student Show Awards Reception1 First Place Winner2 Juror David Brickman3 Another Award4 Talking About the Show5 Attentive Audience6 Standing Room Only7 Taking a Longer Look8 Gallery Assistant Eamonn McBride9

Prize Winners

1st Prize

James Senzer (SUNY New Paltz) — Body of Work: Jay, Dan, Casey, Emmanuel

2nd Prize

Kayla Coons (Sage) — Body of Work: Mounds, Restraint, Forgiveness

Dakota Rider (Sage) — Body of Work: Schoder Tod, Beauty Within, Flawless, Perseverance

Honorable Mentions

Katie Alden (Niskayuna HS) — Body of Work: Touched by Light, Fair Skinned

Maxwell Decusatis (SUNY Albany): Vines

Francesca Mancinelli (SUNY New Paltz): Body of Work: Rebirth, Pomegranate, Waves

Dana Schmerzler (SUNY New Paltz): Alone

Ashley Smith (Fulton Montgomery Community College): Imperial Baths

Kate Wolford (Sage): Ben

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Of Like Minds

Photographs by Drs. Altman and Perkins

May 2–June 15, 2014

Reception 5–9 p.m. May 30, coinciding with Troy Night Out

From rusted trucks to plaza fireworks, two master photographers — Jeffrey Altman (1947–2012) and Jeffrey Perkins view their worlds with like minds. Both Artists have traveled the world and photographer vastly different locations, but always with a similar eye.

View their online PhotoCenter Gallery exhibits — Altman and Perkins.

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The Photography Center Gallery's Exhibition Policies

Liability and Insurance

Artists’ work while on display or in the proper custody of the Photography Center per exhibition agreements will be insured between the designated drop-off and pickup dates against damage or loss for the full value of all materials which can be documented as comprising the artwork, unless the artist can demonstrate that similar artwork by the artist has been previously sold for the listed selling price, in which case the insured value in case of damage or loss will be half of the listed selling price.

The gallery is not responsible for the insurance of the work during transit or after last pickup date. The artist will be responsible for adhering to all deadlines and schedules imposed by the gallery and for the arranging the drop-off and pickup of their work. No work may be removed before the end of the exhibit.


The Gallery's commission on sold work is thirty (30) percent.

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