Our Membership

The Photography Center of the Capital District LLC offers to those interested in the photographic arts opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in all aspects of photographic activity. The PhotoCenter is a membership-supported facility offering almost everything photographic under one roof:

  • a gallery for exhibiting contemporary images;
  • historical exhibits of cameras and images spanning more than 100 years;
  • a consignment store selling used equipment;
  • a shooting studio;
  • computer workstations with a variety of peripherals;
  • a media center with projectors and HDTV for viewing photo and video productions;
  • a reading/research floor with thousands of books and collections of periodicals past and current;
  • equipment for do-it-yourself mounting, matting, Polaroid transfers and copying; and
  • space for meetings, workshops, and salon nights.

Troy has become a lively focus for practitioners and consumers of the visual and performing arts. Within a few blocks of the PhotoCenter is the Arts Center of the Capital Region, the Fulton Street Gallery, several other arts venues, Troy Music Hall, three bookstores, numerous ethnic restaurants, and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Russell Sage College campuses.

Across the street from the PhotoCenter are five dining establishments, including a micro-brewery, an Irish pub, and a Mexican-Irish restaurant, as well as a notable performance venue, Revolution Hall. Troy artists, galleries, and businesses coordinate exhibitions and receptions for a monthly last Friday “Troy Night Out,” featuring the arts and culture of downtown Troy and drawing enthusiasts from throughout the region.

Basic Level- $45 Annually

Permits the use of equipment at Basic Level rates, including:

  • computer workstations with various photo and video software, with CD and DVD recording;
  • ink and laser jet printers up to 8 × 11-inch capability;
  • film scanners (Nikon, Polaroid, Minolta);
  • flatbed Scanners (Epson, HP);
  • Polaroid film and print manipulation equipment, up to 8 × 10 inches (emulsion transfers, etc.);
  • photo presentation, including mat cutter, paper cutter, dry-mount, lamination up to 24 inches;
  • copy stands (florescent, tungsten, Polaroid);
  • announcements and admission for meetings / seminars / special events / exhibitions; and
  • reference area with current periodicals and magazines.

Studio Level - $75 Annually

Use of facilities & services at Studio Level rates, plus:

  • all benefits of Basic Level;
  • studio (shooting area) and available props and lighting;
  • larger format Epson printers with up to 13 × 44-inch capability;
  • film recorder, which can capture digital output from a computer at 4,000 dpi;
  • Jobo and other film processing equipment;
  • use of projectors for digital, slide, video or 16 mm movie presentations (photographers can show works);
  • Use of a 52-inch HDTV for audio/video presentations to small groups;
  • invitations to salon nights with reviews of portfolios by peers;
  • invitations to movie night screenings of special films; and
  • invitation to exhibit at annual Members Only Exhibition.


Supporting Level - 100 Annually

Use of facilities & services at Supporting Level rates, plus:

  • access to library of photo and art books;
  • access to archives of periodicals and journals;
  • online gallery of up to10 images*; and
  • invitations to dinner events.

* To participate in the online gallery, submit a CD with your best images resized to 640 pixels at 96 dpi.

Also includes discounts of at least 10% for the following:

  • PhotoCenter-sponsored workshops;
  • tutorial fees by PhotoCenter specialists; and
  • purchases of prints.